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No, I am not in my Mommy’s loving arms right now, or safe in her womb, but somewhere more beautiful than anyone on Earth could ever imagine.  I am being held by our Heavenly Father and am playing with the angels, but I know my Mommy, Daddy, sister and brothers and all of my family and friends miss me dearly and long to be with me again.

You see, I was born with a condition, Trisomy 13, which is considered by many doctors to be “incompatible with life.”  If they only knew the life I have today and love I felt on Earth, I think they would come up with another term.  

My Mommy learned of my condition, when I had been in her belly for 26 weeks, (I think they call that 28 weeks gestation).  I was swimming happily inside of her and listing to the laughter of my big sister Nikole and my four brothers, Nathon, Julio, Jonathann and Ricky, .  

Nikole was so excited to learn that she was having a baby sister.  She wanted to play with me and help my Mommy take care of me.  I could hear her cry and feel my Mommy’s sadness as they heard the news, but my angel held me tightly and told me that it was OK and that she would take me to a most beautiful place called Heaven.  I was going to know only love and lead many closer to our Heavenly Father.

My Mommy and Daddy learned all they could about my condition and related problems.  They learned that my organs weren’t forming where they should; I had a diaphragmatic hernia, which means that when I was growing inside my Mommy, there was an opening in my diaphragm and some of my belly was growing inside this opening, close to my lungs.  This makes it hard to breath and hard for the lungs to develop because they are being squished.  My angel continued to hold me and I could hear my Mommy talk to me.  

My parents loved me so much they wanted to do everything they could to bring me home and give me as much love as they possibly could.  They found the best doctors and a wonderful hospital, Memorial Regional, in Hollywood, FL.  I had my very own birth plan and my parents were busy getting ready for my arrival, but I had different plans.  You see, I was very sick and I wanted to meet my family so badly, that at my Mommy’s last doctor’s appointment, I decided not to move when they placed the little buzzer on my Mommy’s belly.  They could see that my heart beat was faint and they knew that I would have to be delivered soon if I were to be born alive.  

I was born the next day, February 8, 2006, by C-Section at 10:47 AM at 34 ½ weeks gestation.  I was pretty big for my age 5 lbs and 5 oz.  I was long and beautiful measuring 18 beautiful inches long.  I had the most beautiful hair you’d ever seen.  It was long, dark and curly with beautiful highlights. I had a special nurse named Elizabeth, like my Mommy, and she had the honor of baptizing me and watching my soul shine bright and beautiful like the sun before I flew to heaven.  Once I came out, the doctors and nurses worked very hard to keep me alive.  They did everything they could and cried alongside my Mommy and Daddy once they knew that I had flown with my Angel to Heaven. 

I am so proud of my Mommy and Daddy for cherishing the beautiful gift of life and embracing my precious life.  They showed me nothing but love.  They are very grateful for all our friends and family and everyone who has been following our story.  Their hearts are sad, and they will need your love, prayers, and acts of kindness in the weeks and months to come.  I thank you too for loving me, before I was even born.  I will watch you from Heaven above as I play with the angels.

Katherine Elizabeth (narrated by a special friend)    
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